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Points of interest: HearPlanet’s map displays the closest landmarks to your current location or for search results. Tap a pin to reveal its place name and two action arrows; the blue arrow takes you to the topic list for the location, and the white Play icon starts playing audio describing the spot. HearPlanet tracks 250,000 locations around the globe, giving you a practically never-ending audio guide for the whole world.</p>


HearPlanet Screenshot

Audio guide: Every location has one or more “topics,” mini-chapters of information about the place. Most have an overview topic, shown here, followed by more focused subjects. The Lincoln Memorial, for example, includes topics on “design and construction,” “interior,” and, tantalizingly, “urban legends.” Read the text of each topic, or listen to them to keep your eyes and hands free to better take in your surroundings.

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Version: 1.9.0
Website: HearPlanet

HearPlanet is an audio guide that adapts to wherever you go, giving audio commentary on buildings and landmarks around you. Much of the content comes from Wikipedia, and you can choose to read or listen to it. Some items feature human voices, but more obscure locations necessarily rely on text-to-speech robot voices. Still, the effect is like having a knowledgeable companion whispering in your ear as you explore a new place.

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