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The future of rock: The Shows screen displays upcoming concerts in your area. For large cities, that can be way too much music to absorb at once, so the app lets you winnow the list to show only the most popular shows or artists you choose. Tap the All button to browse the big list, or tap Venues to browse what’s happening at your city’s clubs and music halls.


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Tickets, tickets: When you find a show that you can’t miss, tap it to get more details, map the venue, or buy tickets. The app is smart enough to know the website of whatever ticket agency or club handles the concert; tapping the Tickets button takes you there to complete the purchase.

Local Concerts
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Local Concerts

Version: 2.0

Tune into Local Concerts’ gigantic collection of music listings to find upcoming concerts just about anywhere in the world. The app normally uses your current location to find nearby events and music venues, but you can also ask it to give you results for any other town or city, indispensable for the traveling rocker. The display is simple but effective, showing all the local concerts for the next several days or weeks.

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