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A Fancy Calling Card: Like a traditional calling card, your Call Global account is charged as you make calls; you recharge your account online. To call, tap the number to dial (or choose from your contacts), and the app dials a toll-free number to place your call, charging your Call Global account for the time (regular airtime charges, if any, apply to the toll-free call). It takes a few extra seconds to connect, but it’s effortless and cheap.


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Man in the middle: Call Global has toll-free numbers in 44 countries, so you can use the direct-dial feature from nearly anywhere. If you happen to stray outside the service area, however, the app’s “World Call” service acts as an old-school operator to connect the call. Give it the number to dial, and then give it a number where it can call you. World Call calls you first, then connects you at a discounted rate to your destination number.

Call Global App
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Call Global App

Version: 1.2
Website: Call Global

Most mobile phone plans offer free national calls, but woe to your wallet when dialing abroad. Call Global sidesteps the international intrigue by routing calls through its discount network, available everywhere. Unlike Skype, which requires WiFi, the app does its work over regular phone networks. It’s a slick interface for a familiar concept: The calling card. Calls go through a toll-free number, charging your account just pennies per minute.

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This app is far better than any of the voip apps. I have been using it a while now for my international calls, the call quality is amazing, its cheaper than skype, and it works absolutely anywhere (no wifi needed).

I highly recommend this app.

The easiest setup and call application available. Its simple and works really well. Free to download with a $2 balance to try. I loaded $10 and my balance is still there, unlike calling cards that charge ridiculous hidden fees. Thanks O'Reilly for suggesting this app.

I used this site to make free calls
Use gift code FREE_CALLS while signing up on
On home page there will be link "Make All Your Calls FREE!" Click on it!
Try and share your further findings.

I read this review and then downloaded the app but can't get it to recognise my phone - keep getting an error saying "you can only use the phone you registered with". I've since found FooCall+ which works great and the rates are very low.

It's not on appstore anymore? What's wrong with it? I really need to try it :(

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