Best Apps for Taking Your Work on the Go

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JetSet Expenses was the top pick for drawing and painting.

In a column at, Best iPhone Apps author Josh Clark notes that road warriors are turning to their smart phones for tasks previously shouldered by laptops, with a corresponding shift in work style:

It's important to keep this little revolution in perspective: A new style of device requires a new set of work habits. Your glossy gadget can't match your laptop in every respect, and it's a mistake to try to use it the same way. No matter how blazingly fast your thumbs might be, pecking delicately away at a touch-screen keyboard won't win any speed records. Though some inevitably try, the iPhone's not a great tool for writing a novel.

Instead, the iPhone is a device of convenience and context. Unlike laptops, notebooks or messy collections of Post-It notes, your phone rarely leaves your side, making it a handy vessel for bottling brainstorms, managing to-dos and itineraries, or capturing on-the-go information like expenses or billable hours. The best iPhone apps (and especially the best productivity apps) emphasize quick access to your ideas, contacts, tasks and info. Most of them thrive on simplicity, offering fewer features than desktop counterparts, but also making it faster and easier to get it done quickly.

In the column, Josh picks ten apps ideally suited to this new style of microwork, perfectly suited for taking your work on the go:

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There are some really useful apps that are now making their way onto the Iphone. I think that the launch of the Ipad has encouraged developers to consider apps that are closer to the softwares available on a laptop

Iphones are really convenient to carry but then they don't possess the same features that laptops or MacBooks possess. You can only use this a tool to make track of your to-do list, check your emails and other features which is very useful while you are on the road wherein your laptops will be a hassle to carry.

There are so many apps available for the iphone, I agree with Roger that we need more apps that are like available for labtops but then again 2 different platforms. I just think we are so lucky to have all different sorts of technology available.

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