Best Apps for Creative Expression

Brushes Screenshot
Brushes was the top pick for drawing and painting.

Over at, Best iPhone Apps author Josh Clark dished his picks for the top-ten apps for creative expression, explaining how you can pack your iPhone with an easel, darkroom, notebook, and even a crooning robot:

When I was a kid, our art teacher had a magical cart of craft supplies that she'd wheel into the classroom, a mobile art laboratory loaded with treasures for our grade-school masterpieces. Construction paper, googly eyes, glue, markers, scissors, paints, beads, ribbons--the cart had every raw material that we young Picassos might have required. Decades later, I'm no longer on intimate terms with glue and glitter, but the idea of that art cart still holds strong appeal, a roaming studio that's at the ready when inspiration strikes.

The iPhone is like a modern-day art cart, full of apps that let you write, make music, take photos, paint or create interactive stories.

Josh's ten picks:

  • Brushes (for drawing and painting)
  • Type Drawing (for font fanatics)
  • Bebot (for making music)
  • WriteRoom (for writing)
  • Birdhouse (for writerly tweets)
  • Whrrl (for collaborative storytelling)
  • Photogene (for editing photos)
  • Pano (for panoramic photos)
  • Postino (for custom postcards)
  • Artnear (for finding artistic inspiration)

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