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Cash machines: ATM Hunter lists the closest bank machines to your current location or to the address you specify. Tap an entry to see more details about the selected ATM or to map it in the Maps app. To find a specific bank or business—to dodge out-of-network fees, for example—tap the magnifying glass and type the name to find.


ATM Hunter Screenshot

Zero in: Tap the Filter button on the results page to find specific kinds of bank machines. Find a drive-through, for example, if the idea of parking wears you out.

Top Pick

ATM Hunter

Version: 1.0
Website: MasterCard

Caught without cash? ATM Hunter shows you the closest place to make a withdrawal. Use your iPhone’s GPS to list the bank machines closest to your current location, or enter any address or airport code. Search results let you know the setting for each ATM (gas station, bank, store, and so on). If you’re looking for a specific bank or business, you can specify that in your search. The app works anywhere in the world, handy for travelers.

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