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Verses: Every verse of the song comes with its own interactive illustration. As the music plays, your child can poke and slide objects on screen with satisfying cartoon sound effects (poking the teddy bear makes it hop in the air with a boing).

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Wipe Away: Slide or tap the screen to make the windshield wipers go swish, swish, swish. Keep on swishing until the end of the verse: raindrops form on the screen if you stop.

Wheels on the Bus Screenshot

Wheels on the Bus
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Wheels on the Bus

Version reviewed: 1.0.2
Duck Duck Moose

This inspired children's game combines the interactive elements of a popup storybook with a singalong of the tried-and-true "Wheels on the Bus" song. The app includes several downloadable music tracks to keep the music fresh—and help adults keep their sanity. The app's 12 takes on "Wheels" include versions in German, Italian, kazoo, and, yes, gibberish, but the best is that it lets your kids record their own version to play.

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