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Feeling Lucky? USA Today does everything a mobile news app should, packing lots of brief, easily scanned items, with any topic an efficient few taps away. In the Headlines screen, swipe through sections at the top, and tap an article to read it, view related photos, or share it with others. You can customize the Top News screen to show the type of news that's most important to you, and of course show the weather for your city.


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Day In Pictures: Every day in the app's Pictures screen, USA Today's photo editors show off a gallery of the day's best photos, many of them stunning. Photos are offered in categories, so you can zoom in on sports, space, weather, or—when you need your daily fix of Brangelina—celebrity photos. Flip the picture gallery on its side to see the photos fullscreen in landscape view.

USA Today
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USA Today

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USA Today

Other news apps offer more depth (New York Times, WSJ) or breadth (AP Mobile), but no other app beats USA Today at quickly scanning what's happening in the world. The app's fast, efficient display lets you hop quickly among sections, articles, sports scores, and daily photo galleries. Participate in one of the newspaper's infographic polls, or share your news discoveries via email, text message, Twitter, or Facebook.

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