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Filter Tweets: Start off by viewing all the latest tweets from your timeline. Tap the funnel icon at bottom right to limit your view to direct messages, replies, tweets that mention you, or your collection of favorite tweets. Tap a web link to open the page in Twitterrific's built-in browser, where you can twitter, email, or bookmark the page. If you use Instapaper, Twitterrific lets you save the web page for later reading.


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Take Action: Tap a tweet to select it, then tap the asterisk at the bottom of the timeline to do something with it. If it's just one message in a larger conversation, tap "thread" to see the whole shebang. You can also learn more about the author, copy (or "retweet") the text in a new tweet, or link to the message in a tweet or email. Add greatest-hit tweets to your public list of favorites, or mark them privately to review later.


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Chirp Away: Post your tweets with a keyboard showing how many of your 140 characters remain. Tap the eyeball below the text area to peek at the timeline of tweets, where you can tap links or account names to add them automatically to your tweet. Icons at the top of the screen squeeze your text (with abbreviations and shortened URLs), upload photos, and update your Twitter profile with your current location.


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Explore The Twittersphere: Expand your horizons beyond the people you follow. Search all of Twitter for tweets on any topic (the new movie, your favorite book, or your company name, for example), or search for tweets posted nearby. Save your searches to return to them later. Twitterrific also shows you Twitter's current hot-topic trends. Tap one to see the latest tweets for that zeitgeist topic.

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Version reviewed: 2.02

There are lots of Twitter apps, many of them great contenders, but this one gets the top pick for its elegant interface, clever filtering, and a flock of chirpy features. Twitterrific captures Twitter's simplicity—great for casual tweetsters—but also makes it easy to sift and act on vast volumes of tweets. Power users will appreciate the ability to filter the timeline, use multiple accounts, do searches, and review hot-topic trends.

What's Twitter?
Twitter lets you share short messages of 140 characters or less with friends, family, and coworkers. It's deceptively simple and addictively engaging. Unlike instant messaging, which invites a reply, a Twitter message (or "tweet") simply answers the question, "What are you doing?" Use Twitter to share what's on your mind, to put a general question to your friends, or to share links to web pages you've explored. Like a message in a bottle, your tweet floats out to the public, drifting to the phones and computers of others who choose to receive them. You likewise tune into the tweets of others—a handful of close friends, perhaps, or hundreds of acquaintances, celebrities, and other twitteristas. It's an effortless way to keep up with your circle. Sign up at

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