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Love Triangles: The basics are easy, but the game is addictively complex. Group at least three trisms of the same color to make a match. Mind how surrounding pieces will fall in order to plan chain reactions for big scores. Certain combinations create special trisms that fill empty spaces or let you move anywhere on the board. The game throws in troublemakers, too, adding bombs or locked pieces which you have to undo.


Trism Screenshot

Three Modes: As if the basic gameplay didn't already make for endless possibilities, Trism offers three modes of play. "Infinism" is the standard game, where you play as long as you like in the quest for a high score. "Terminism" is timed play: Earn as many points as you can as quickly as possible. "Syllogism" is a completely different game, where you solve puzzles to assemble tiles just so, sliding them by tilting your phone.

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Version reviewed: 1.4

Trism is a subtle, mind-bending game of sliding tiles (er, trisms). You play by sliding three or more of the same color together. Move rows up, down, sideways, or diagonally. Matched trisms evaporate, and tiles above fall into the gap, yielding even more matches with a little planning. Here's the fun bit: "Above" is relative. Tilting the phone makes trisms fall in a new direction, so thinking ahead pays off in this brain-busting spatial challenge.

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