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Automatic Itineraries: When you forward confirmation emails to TripIt, the service collects the info into a chronological itinerary, as shown below. The service handles flights, hotels, rental cars, trains, cruises, restaurant reservations, movie and concert tickets, and more. TripIt works with over 250 travel sites and agencies. Basically: If you can book it online, you can add it to your itinerary just by forwarding an email.


TripIt for iPhone Screenshot

Gotta Be Me: Tap an event in the itinerary to see more details. As shown in this hotel reservation, TripIt provides quick-tap links to relevant maps, phone numbers, and websites. (Likewise, TripIt often adds area maps to the main itinerary on days that you arrive in a new city.) You can't edit or delete bookings within the iPhone app; you have to do that from TripIt's website, where you can also add maps, directions, and notes.

TripIt for iPhone
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TripIt for iPhone

Version reviewed: 1.2.1

Create tidy, detailed itineraries with TripIt, a hyper-efficient personal travel assistant. The app works with After setting up a free account, you forward confirmation emails for all your bookings to TripIt, and the service plucks out the important info, automagically converting it into a structured itinerary. The app syncs with your TripIt account, letting you consult the details anywhere, even mid-flight without an Internet connection.

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Trip Case is better. Nicer UI. Notifications. Easy in-app import of a new itinerary based on the locator record.

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