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Block Party: Topple's blocks are vaguely Grinchy, their snide smirks letting you know how you're doing. The fifties cartoon style is matched by peppy period music and fun sound effects, lightening the game's madcap pace. With tough time challenges, you have to move fast but carefully to meet target heights. Shapes rock when you set them down and sway with gravity, but you can tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to stay balanced.


Topple 2 Screenshot

More Challenges: The game moves through six stages, 30 levels in all, and new challenges emerge. Some levels require you to balance two towers on a scale; in others, gravity flips and you have to build your tower from the top of the screen down. As you get the hang of it, you can try to out-Topple your friends in a head-to-head challenge over WiFi or over the Internet via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Topple 2
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Topple 2

Version reviewed: 1.3

Move over Tetris, there's a new kid on the block (on top of another block, on top of another). In Topple, you stack a skyscraper of cartoon shapes as high as you can. Rotate and place shapes for a sturdy tower, but be careful: Put a block down too abruptly or off center, and you'll throw the whole thing off kilter. Your blocks aren't shy about feedback: Stable blocks smile contentedly, but grins give way to anxiety and even panic as the tower wobbles.

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You should try another iphone physics game named FancyStacker.


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