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Personality: Build your sim by choosing its gender, clothes, hairstyle, and most important, its persona. Is your sim a nice guy, a power-monger, a libido-charged sleaze? Your choices determine your sim's personal goals, the actions you can take during the game, and the way other sims respond to you.

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Get to Work: Much of the game involves tending to the stuff you do in real life: Eating, cooking, bathing, sleeping, working. Take a job at the local lab, town hall, supermarket, or bistro. Your earnings let you expand your house and buy new furniture. Spend your weekends fishing or hanging out with other sims.

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Helpless: Your sim isn't so bright. It tells you when it has needs, but can't satisfy them without you. Here, a red bathtub icon indicates a hygiene crisis; make your sim hit the shower. You also send it to the toilet, make it food, put it to bed, and entertain it with TV. Take the job seriously: Your sim dies if basic needs aren't met.

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Make Friends: Interact with other sims, using small talk, insults, or romantic gestures to develop relationships. Creep out sims by barging into their houses to take a shower, court them with tender embraces, or slap them to make enemies. Brown-nosing pays off, too. Job promotions come faster by bonding with the boss.

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The Sims 3
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The Sims 3

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Take over the life of a "sim," managing his or her dreams, needs, social life, and career in this iPhone version of the popular computer game. Be a jerk by kicking over neighbor's trash cans, become the village Casanova by wooing your neighbors, or brush up on your cooking and gardening skills. Fulfill your sim's whims (buy stuff, slap another sim, get a job, catch a trout) while you keep your charge fed, rested, clean, and uh, toilet-trained.

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