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Around The Table: Flip the screen on its side for a top-down view, the game's most efficient interface and the best view for putting strategy into play. Follow all players' bets at once, along with their reserves and the pot value. The game offers nearly 150 icons to represent you at the table, including five dogs playing poker, of course.

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Face To Face: Eye the virtual players for tells showing the strength of their cards as they bet or fold in each hand's four rounds of betting. Tap players to see where they're from, how old they are, their stats, and a quote (Scarlet: "I won again?! Oh my, it's so nice of y'all to give me all your money"). Your hole cards are tucked in the corner, community cards at center. Bet by tapping your chips, or fold by flicking your cards away.

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Texas Hold 'Em
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Texas Hold 'Em

Version reviewed: 1.1

Sidle up to the table to play the world's most popular poker game against lifelike computer players, complete with twitches and tells, or against your real-life poker buddies over your local WiFi network. Start at the garage location and take your winnings to more luxe tables with higher buy-ins and savvier players. Locations include Istanbul, Vegas, and finally, Dubai. Ante up your five bucks for Texas Hold 'Em: The game pays off in a fun, smart poker game with graphics that go all in.

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the game is good but needs a tournament option like King's Hold'em for the blackberry from Magmic games.

this would make it perfect..

Sometimes during the game a face will pop up where i sit and open its mouth like its saying "no!" what does this mean?

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