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What To Say: Search for a keyword to look up a word or phrase in a hurry, and tap it for the translation. You can also browse phrases by category, starting at top-level topics like Food and Drink, Shopping, and Dates and Times and then drilling down into more rarefied topics such as Romance or At the Bar.


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How To Say It: Select a phrase, and the app shows you its foreign-language translation (non-Western languages get the language's original script, as well as the Western version). Best of all, the app offers audio to coach you how to say the phrase—or simply play it directly for your puzzled waiter. Categories range from "where's the post office" basics to offbeat icebreakers ("I am here to become a sumo wrestler") to more crucial phrases: "I need to contact my embassy."

Talking Phrasebooks
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Talking Phrasebooks


Alas, it turns out that simply speaking English louder doesn't overcome a language barrier. When you travel abroad, it helps to have a few crumbs of the local language. The Talking Phrasebooks series can get you through with seven apps for as many languages. Each offers translations of over 500 common words and phrases for travelers, organized in 40 easy-to-browse categories.

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do I have to conect to internet to use.

Everybody should mix this app with the TALKING TOYS, especially the COWBOY, so much fun!!!! Thanks for make us discover new app, it´s great!

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