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Your Ball: Streetball offers two flavors of two-on-two team play, timed or play to 21. Move by tilting the device, or easier, use an onscreen directional control. Buttons let you shoot or pass, and shooting accuracy depends on pressing the button just long enough to fill an accuracy meter to a target height.

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H-O-R-S-E: Streetball also includes a game of horse, where you match shots with the computer until one of you misses five shots the other made. The controls here are quirky if not exactly riveting: The game gives you a squiggly line, and you trace it. The accuracy of the line determines the accuracy of your shot.

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Version reviewed: 1.0.3
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How often do you get the chance to play midnight pickup hoops with the president? Streetball offers three game modes with a choice of cartoon players and, in a nod to Barack Obama's favorite sport, he's one of the options (not speedy, but aggressive and accurate), as is the first lady. The game's cartoonish players are more Pinocchio than Shaq, but the look combines with the game's simple controls for an easygoing, casual sports game.

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