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Simple Simplify: Browsing a shared music collection works like the built-in iPod app. Browse artists, albums, songs, and playlists, and tap a tune to listen. Tap the + icon to add songs to your favorites list, which amounts to an on-the-go playlist. You can access your own computer(s) or those of any friends who have invited you. Because of the small, private scale of Simplify's music sharing, it's all legal and legit.


Simplify Music 2 Screenshot

Now Playing: The current song enjoys an iPod-like display, including album art if it's already part of your home music collection. Tap the Artist tab to see the artist bio from, or tap Lyrics to read the words to the song.

Simplify Music 2
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Simplify Music 2

Version reviewed: 1.10
Simplify Media

Take your entire digital music collection with you wherever you go, and tap into friends' music, too. Simplify Music lets you stream tunes across the Internet from your own computer or those of up to 30 friends. It works remarkably well, even over the Edge network, and the whole thing feels like magic. Some assembly required: You have to install Simplify Media's free software for Windows, Mac, or Linux, but it's a snap to set up.

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