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Lotsa Lists: Shopper can manage plenty of shopping lists for you, useful for juggling multiple projects, stores, or when you simply want to split errands into multiple expeditions. Create template lists to use as starters for future lists (think staples you pick up every week at the grocery store). Tap the + button to start a new list or tap Edit to delete, rearrange, or rename lists. Tap a list to review its contents or start shopping.


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Aisle By Aisle: Each list is organized by store department, or "aisle," making it easy to attack your list efficiently. If you like, you can add specific stores, and choose the aisles each store includes, and in what order (make the dairy department come first at Whole Foods, for example, but don't show dairy at all for Target). Tap the name of the store where you're shopping, and the app filters and reorders the list accordingly.


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Adding Items: Shopper's substantial database of products makes it quick to update lists. Tap the + icon from the list screen to search by name, or tap the bin icon to browse items by aisle, as shown here. Scan quickly for what you need, tap items to add to the list, and set quantity by tapping the arrow buttons at right. Add your own custom products, or add and save unit prices to estimate the cost of your shopping adventure.


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Store Remodeling: Choose the aisles to include for each store, and drag them into the order you want them listed when you visit that store. You can add your own custom categories by tapping the + button, which means you can add and organize any type of product you like. You could add aisles for a feed store, a comic book shop, a department store—really, any type of shop you might frequent.


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When You Get There: The app can use the iPhone's GPS to detect when you've arrived at a store. When you turn that option on, Shopper asks if you'd like to switch to that store to see the items you can pick up there. To accomplish this feat of savvy shopping, Shopper lets you set the location when you add or edit a store. Tap the Set Location button to use the current location, or tap the map to choose another address.

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Version reviewed: 3.0.2
MidCentury Software

Tuck Shopper into your cart to make trips to the supermarket (or any store) more efficient. Shopper replaces hastily scribbled shopping lists with an organized, uncomplicated system for building and checking off items to buy. The app helpfully groups items by "aisle," or store department,and you can even customize the order of aisles for each store you frequent, so that your grocery list is always organized according to the store layout.

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This was one of the first apps I got from the app store. I really lucked out. I have not compared it with similar apps, but this is because its such a wonderful tool. I wouldn't want to go to the grocery store without it.

has some nice features, but is missing the best feature of grocery gadget, which has a web-interface that allows you to prepare you grocery list on your home computer (or any iphone), which then syncs with every iphone (or ipod touch) in your group. So whoever is out can do the shopping with the latest list - no need to email and updated list..... i take that over the mapping feature... do i really need my phone to tell me that i am close to the grocery store?

Need to be able to enter your grocery list on a computer and send to iPhone. This would be a much more functional app with this feature added.

This was the best app on my iPhone until the new owners started putting unsolicited ads onboard with no way to opt out. Be sure to read the App Store reviews to learn just how upset users are.

this is very useful and easy Shopping App.

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