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Playing Tag: Shazam refers to its song identifications as "tags." Tag a song by tapping the Tag Now button from any Shazam screen, and the app starts listening to your surroundings. After about five seconds and a quick check with the service's online servers, Shazam tells you what song is playing. The song gets stowed in your personal list of tags for future reference; organize your tags by artist, title, or date.


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Good Listener: Shazam has more than just a sharp ear for music, it knows every band's story, song lyrics, and where to find concert videos. Every song's detail page shows album details, plus song-specific links to the iTunes Store, YouTube videos, and the band's bio and discography. Share the song info via email, or add a photo to capture the moment ("Remember Uncle Irving rocking the Black Eyed Peas at the wedding reception?").

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Version reviewed: 1.5
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Remember that guy from school, the walking music encyclopedia who knew every band and could name every song after just a few bars? Shazam is that guy, only without the attitude. Fire up Shazam on your iPhone (or iPod Touch with a microphone), and the app recognizes, with uncanny accuracy, whatever song is playing in the room, telling you the title, album, and band. It's a great way to settle bets or identify new music.

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I am a HUGE fan of this app! I am constantly hearing songs on the radio that I love and until this app came along would never know who sang it or the name of the song. And the best part about this app is that once I get home on my wifi connection I can link directly to the song in iTunes to download it!!! This is a must have!!!

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