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Perfect Fit: Drag the color pieces into the matching blank areas of the puzzle. Shapes bloop into place with a pleasing sound effect.

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Transformers: For older kids, part of the fun is guessing what the puzzle will turn into. When the puzzle is complete, its silhouette fills in to reveal a picture.

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Shape Builder
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Shape Builder

Version reviewed: 1.0
Darren Murtha Design

This drag-and-drop puzzle is perfect for kids ages three to six. Drag one of the colorful pieces into position, and it snaps into place. Each of the 100-plus puzzles has a distinct silhouette which, upon completion, reveals itself as an object—a letter, an animal, a fire truck, and so on. Fun, quality sound effects accompany these transformations, along with a voice description of the object or letter: "'U' says 'yoo,' like 'Unicorn'!"

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