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Look Ma, No Hands: The basics are easy to master, with a directional controller and two buttons that shoot and pass on offense, or slide-tackle and steal on defense. Flashy combinations of double-taps conjure fancier moves. Your strengths depend on the real-world stats of your chosen team's players.

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Varied Play: Real Soccer 2009 offers several modes: penalty kicks, a training mode for practice, five-minute exhibition games, league play, and cup tournaments for longer, more strategic play. It's not just button mashing, either: As coach, you choose player formations, rosters, and substitutions.

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Real Soccer 2009
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Real Soccer 2009

Version reviewed: 1.4.5

Goooooaaaaallllll!! This game nails all the details, right down to the familiar goal-time exclamation. Real Soccer 2009 is a vast, impressive game but stays fun and fast with intuitive controls. Any fan of sports video games will get their kicks here, but the game really comes to life for avid soccer fans: 3D versions of actual players from 198 international teams play in 12 stadiums, complete with weather effects, including rain and snow.

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