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Disk Jockey: Swap files with any online disk using WebDAV technology, including Readdle Storage, where you get 512MB of space and a special email address to send files to add to the disk. Also, computers on the same WiFi network can download your files via web browser or add your iPhone as a network disk to exchange documents. The app's built-in browser lets you grab files from the Web or other ReaddleDocs users.


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File Frenzy: Organize files into folders, and open a wide range of file types for reading. The app can open any file iPhone supports, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint. Zip files work, too; here, opening created the Archive folder. ReaddleDocs makes for easy reading, too, letting you bookmark pages and scroll quickly through long documents. Pass files along to friends and coworkers via email.

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Version reviewed: 1.3.2

ReaddleDocs is the Rolls Royce of document portfolios. Lots of other apps (including Quickoffice and Evernote) let you share, store, and browse files, but this app offers the cleverest mix of methods to spirit files on and off your iPhone. It talks to most online storage services (like MobileMe or, downloads from websites, exchanges with computers on the same network, and lets you email files back and forth.

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All true but then when you realize that all you cam do is view the file you'll understand that products like Quickoffice has all the same file transfer options (email attachment, mobilme, WiFi) PLUS the ability to create and edit documents and spreadsheets. Having both I cam honestly say that I only use the Readdle product for PDF viewing as it does a much better job with these files.

@Orion yes, you are right. But in case I just need a document viewer and nothing more, why should a pay $12.99 for the functions that I won't use at all.

Meanwhile I bought ReaddleDocs (after reading the review) for $4.99 and I'm completely satisfied with the app, more over I liked it pretty much and bought a copy for my wife.

I would like to know how this compares to GoodReader. I purchased GoodReader for $2.99 and it is my most used app for downloading, sending, viewing, editing, creating, and zipping/unzipping documents. For $2 dollars more how does this compare with the awesome GoodReader App?

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