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Fill up on files: Tap a Word or Excel file to edit (including .docx or .xlsx), or tap other files for read-only viewing (PDF, PowerPoint, and others). Connect to MobileMe iDisks to copy files back and forth, or share files with other computers on the same WiFi network. Apps aren’t allowed direct access to email attachments, but Quickoffice sidesteps this limitation by providing a special email address where you can forward files to edit.


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A kind Word: Quickword manages basic word processing without a hitch, letting you edit text and add formatting, including font styles and size. It’s easy: Double-tap to highlight text, drag the blue handles to select, then choose the formatting you want. Although you can’t add images or tables to documents, the app manages their display just fine for documents where they already exist.


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On the Dock: Other dock icons manage text alignment, conjure the keyboard, create bullet lists, delete text, or search the document. To undo or redo the last action, you shake the iPhone to summon Quickword’s undo/redo controls. You can browse and edit Word and text files in landscape view, too, although the formatting options aren’t available in that view—only the keyboard.


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Gimme a Grid: Quicksheet includes all the spreadsheet fundamentals, including 125 common formula functions, text and cell formatting, and control over row and column structure. Double-tap a cell to edit its contents, or double-tap-drag to select several cells to format or to copy and paste. Like Quickword, you can zoom in and out of documents by pinching the screen, browse and edit in landscape view, or shake to undo.


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Worksheets: Spreadsheets can contain multiple worksheets, and Quicksheet provides tools to add, delete, shuffle, and rename your worksheets. As with any spreadsheet program, you can apply calculations or look up cell values across worksheets.

Top Pick

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite

Version reviewed: 1.4.1

Edit Microsoft Word and Excel files—and view a slew of other file types—with this capable suite for editing and sharing documents. It's actually three apps in one, or you can buy them one at a time: Quickword ($8.99) for Word docs; Quicksheet ($8.99) for spreadsheets; and Quickoffice Files ($0.99) for swapping files with other computers and online disks.

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