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Fresh Crop: Edit photos in landscape or portrait view. Here, the crop tool lets you snip photos to your desired composition. Drag the blue corner handles to highlight the area you want to keep. Tap a button at the bottom to maintain a specific aspect ratio, or tap again to crop freestyle.

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Straighten Up: Photogene's rotate tool helps you nudge off-kilter photos into place. Drag the slider left or right to rotate the image, and a grid of guidelines materializes to help you stay in line. Tap an icon above the slider to rotate the photo in 90- degree increments or flip it vertically or horizontally.

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Talking Pictures: The shape tool lets you add speech bubbles to hold text captions. Swipe the shape icons at the bottom of the screen to scroll through your options, then drag a shape into the picture. Double-tap to change the shape's size and position or to edit its text, font, color, and outline. This screen also lets you dispense with the shape entirely, adding text to the photo without a container.

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Frame Job: Add a decorative border to your photo with one of the many preset frames (swipe the frame icons to see the options), or create your own custom outline in a square, rounded, or oval shape. You can add reflection or vignette effects to frames, or change the background color. The app's filter tool lets you add even more effects, including pencil outlines, heat maps, sepia tone, and green night-vision effects.

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Color Correction: Photogene offers four tools to edit colors, levels, and exposure. Tap the Levels icon to view a histogram and trim or shift shadows and highlights. If that sounds too fancy, tap the Auto button to let the app handle it for you, adjusting the levels to give colors more pop and sharpness. Tap Exposure to edit brightness and contrast, Colors to edit saturation and temperature, or RGB to tweak the photo's hue.

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Version reviewed: 2.0
Omer Shoor

Alas, your iPhone's camera is not its strongest point. The fixed lens can't zoom to compose a shot, and colors are often lackluster. Photogene shores up these shortcomings by letting you edit photos on the go. The app amounts to a miniature Photoshop: Crop, straighten, or rotate snapshots, adjust colors and levels, or add text, speech bubbles, and effects. The app saves edited photos to your iPhone camera roll or iPod photo library.

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