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On The Reservation: The app searches for the 100 closest restaurants with an open table, or you can select a specific city and neighborhood to search, as shown here. Choose a date and time, add the number of people in your group, and OpenTable finds restaurants with availability within a two-hour window of the requested time. You can further filter results by cuisine, price, or restaurant name.


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Dining Details: Choose the restaurant where you want to eat, and OpenTable shows you additional details, including the restaurant's menu and a photo of the dining room. Tap the time you'd like to book, provide your personal info, and you're done. The app also offers to email the reservation confirmation details to your hungry dining companions.

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Version reviewed: 1.1.1

OpenTable is a reservation service for booking tables at participating restaurants. The app finds places in most US states and several international cities, but it's at its best in the biggest cities where lots of restaurants have signed up. Tell OpenTable when you want to eat, and it shows you all the restaurants with availability. Search by neighborhood, or only the restaurants closest to your current location. Pick a spot, and the app holds your table.

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