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Your Balance: After you set up a free account at and give the site read-only access to your accounts, the app's overview screen shows the big picture. Tap to see recent activity or check alerts about low balances or unusual spending. The info comes straight from your bank, credit card companies, and investment accounts, so it reflects only cleared transactions. If the check's still in the mail, it doesn't show up at

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Monthly Budget: The website helps you craft monthly budgets, and the app lets you check how you're doing against your personal spending caps. You can't change the budget levels inside the app itself, but it's a useful way to see if you can really afford that new pair of shoes while you're on the go.
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Version reviewed: 1.0.1

Carry a complete snapshot of your financial picture with this companion to, a free online dashboard for monitoring your money. Like the site, the app shows all your balances, activity, and investments at a glance, plus a review of how you're faring against the month's budget. Look but don't touch: offers lots of info about your fiscal health but doesn't handle payments. It helps you monitor your money, not spend it.

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One small problem. Exactly how good is it to you if your financial institution is not a participant... eg, for those of us who don't happen to be American? IOW will it function at all for the majority of theworld's population?

I agree Mint is one of the best budget apps for the iphone, another one that have called my attention lately is one called Budget-Planner, their balance forecasting system displays your balance for a particular day up to a year in advance. pretty cool feature

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