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Social Map: The map shows your location in red and your friends in blue. Tap a marker to show a friend's current status, review their journal, send a text, or call. To see everyone's status at once, tap the Friends icon in the dock to dismiss the map and get a list view. You can also add businesses to the mix; the Search icon summons a search of Yelp-powered reviews for the area. Post updates and photos by tapping the Share icon.


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Friends You've Yet To Meet: If you're looking to meet someone new—like anyone—turn on the Mix feature to share a limited profile with anyone nearby. Flag yourself as all business ("networking"), innocent fun ("friendship") or ready for love ("dating"). Exchange messages with your newfound friend from down the block in safe anonymity; they don't get your full name or contact info until you decide to share.

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Version reviewed: 1.6

Discover the capers and coordinates of your whole crew at a glance. Loopt lets you and your pals announce where you are and what you're doing, a convenient way to hook up with friends when you're on the prowl—or a vaguely creepy way to keep tabs on others. It's up to you! The app's privacy settings let you choose when and how others can find you. You can share Loopt updates and location info via Twitter and Facebook, too.

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