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Koi Pond Screenshot

Fishbowl: Tap or drag to make the water ripple and the fish scatter. Leave your finger "in" the water, and the fish cautiously approach to take a nibble. Shake your phone to scatter food across the surface, and the fish circle around to feed. After that, all that's left is to watch and enjoy a few moments of koi contemplation.


Koi Pond Screenshot

Water Quality: Tap the bottom right corner to summon the control panel, where you can change the water color, number of fish, and amount of vegetation. Turn the five nature sounds on or off; the thunder sound effect also brings light rain, and water drops dapple your pond's surface.

Koi Pond
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Koi Pond

Version reviewed: 2.3
The Blimp Pilots

Who knew? Turns out a vast number of people harbor the desire to nurture carp. Koi Pond has been an App Store bestseller since the get-go, offering a gorgeous interactive animation of a Japanese water garden. Soothingly hypnotic nature sounds set the mood as colorful koi swim lazily across the screen and under lily pads, nibbling at food you sprinkle on the water's surface. Just like the real thing, that's all there is to it: a relaxing environment.

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Wow this is an old concept.

I remember it years ago on the PC.

Was very captivating then as I recall.

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