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On The Clock: The Jobs screen shows all your current projects. Tap the stopwatch next to a job's name to start a time session for the job, and tap again to stop. The red badge in the dock icon shows how many stopwatches are running. The app's icon also shows this tally on the home screen of your iPhone or iPod Touch; the app keeps the clock running even when it's not active. Cool.


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Time Tally: Tap a job to see the Job Details screen, which shows the total time and earnings for the job so far. Tap the blue Play button to start the timer, and tap again to stop. This screen also lets you set the big-picture info for the job, including notes, client, and your hourly rate. The Flagfall field lets you set a starting fee for the job, and the app counts up from there. To email yourself timesheet data, tap Export Job.


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Jam Sessions: The Sessions screen lets you review and edit a job's individual time sessions. Tap a session to add a descriptive name for that period or to edit the start or stop time. If you forgot to run your timer for part of the job, get your time back by tapping the + button at top right to add a session manually. Alas, you can view sessions only for one job; there's no way to see today's sessions across all jobs, for example.


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Customer Focus: Choose a client from the app's Clients screen to see all the jobs for that client (tapping a job takes you to its detail screen). You can link a client to an entry from the Contacts app, giving you one-tap access to your customer's contact info. Tap Export to pluck out the timesheet info for the jobs shown.


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Expert Export: All your hard-earned time data doesn't do much good if you leave it trapped in your phone. Jobs lets you email the data in several formats, including CSV (for editing in a spreadsheet), plain text, or XML. The app lets you choose whether to include individual session info or just the bottom-line tally. When the data arrives in your inbox, pour it into your invoice and start cashing in on those long hours.

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Version reviewed: 1.2

Time is money, especially if you're a freelance designer or an hour-tallying lawyer. When you need exact counts of billable hours—or just want to track how you spend your time—Jobs watches the clock for you. Add all your projects to the app, and run the stopwatch for a job while you're working on it. When you're ready to send a bill, email yourself the timesheet info in one of several formats to whip up your invoice.

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I am the developer for Fossil, a new elegantly designed time tracking application for iPhone.

Please have a look at the screenshots on iTunes page

I believe it will trigger anyone to take notice and look more closely at the application.

Even though it is only version 1.0, I sincerely believe it is one of the better time tracking applications in the app store at the moment.

What would be an elegant app is unfortuately rendered useless by a bug that deletes the name you give to each session. Sessions are the individual tasks you record against each job. So after you've gone to the effort of adding these, when you reopen this app all the session names have gone. You're left with just the time recorded but no record of what it was for. Frustrating waste of time to set up for a busy professional.

Cool app, but I don't see the point of getting it when I have pen, paper, and watch handy.

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