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On The Air: Browse what's showing now. Tap the arrows to jump to the next or previous half hour, or tap the time at top center to choose a specific day and hour. Flip to landscape view for a more traditional grid of listings, showing what's playing over the course of several hours. i.TV lets you filter listings to show only specific channels, program genres,or attributes like high-definition video or closed captioning.


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Episode Details: Tap a program to reveal its "showcard," with a summary, video clips, viewer ratings, series photos, and links to more info about the series. Tap the thumbs-up button to add the series or the entire channel as a favorite. Tivo subscribers can add the episode to their recording schedules by tapping the Tivo icon or the Watch button, which also lets you set an email reminder or check Netflix for DVDs of previous seasons.


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Favorites: The My Media screen offers fast access to your preferred shows, channels, movies, and theaters. Tap a favorite show to see series info and a list of upcoming episodes, or tap a channel to see what's coming up. The Now, Day, and All tabs let you set the timeframe, so you can see which of your favorite shows are airing today, for example. Netflix subscribers can manage their movie queues from this screen, too.


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A La Carte: i.TV's search is especially useful, but you have to hunt for it; the standard settings tuck search on the More screen. Type the name of a TV or movie, and i.TV brings up listings for when it's next showing as well as any Netflix entries for the series or film.


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Movie Listings: Tap Movies to browse nearby theaters, current films, or coming attractions. Select a theater to see all films playing there; for theaters marked with an icon, you can buy tickets in the app, too. Netflix subscribers who prefer to watch a film after it comes out on DVD can add it to the movie queue from the film's showcard screen.

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Version reviewed: 1.5

What's on TV tonight? i.TV has the answer, with TV listings for your area, including cable and satellite services. The app is much more than a TV guide, though: It's a complete personal media planner. i.TV schedules Tivo recordings, manages your Netflix movie queue, screens TV and movie previews, and even offers full episodes of selected series. Want to swap the couch for a movie seat? i.TV tells you what's playing in area theaters.

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