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Abs, Arms, Or All Over: What are you focusing on today? iFitness organizes its exercise categories by body region, plus stretching and cardio for aerobic exercises like running, cycling, step machine, and others. Tap a category to pull up a list of targeted exercises.


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A Muscular Menu: Each category includes a big list of exercises. Browse the collection to add variety to a stale workout routine or to target muscle groups you've treated with benign neglect. Scan the list for inspiration, or tap an exercise for photos and complete instructions.


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Do It Right: Be careful with those weights; doing exercises properly will get you the best results and avoid injury. iFitness helps you do just that by illustrating every exercise with one or two simple, uncluttered photos. Double-tap the screen to flip to clearly worded instructions of how (and why) to do each exercise. You can add your own exercises—complete with photos—to the collection from the main Exercises screen.


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Routines: With more than 200 exercises, iFitness gives you a tasty smorgasbord of options, but possibly more than you can swallow at first. If you're not sure where to start, the Routines screen offers ten workout recipes targeting different goals or profiles. The beginner session, for example, eases you into the basics with fundamental exercises for machines and dumbbells. Assemble your own custom routines in the My Workouts screen.


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Muscle Groups: If you want to tone a specific muscle group, the app lets you zero in on a more focused collection of exercises. Tap the app's diagram of a flayed and pinned man (ouch!) to identify the muscles to work, and then continue to the list of matching exercises.

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Version reviewed: 9.27
Medical Productions

This workout encyclopedia presents over 200 exercises, all with clear photos and plainspoken instructions for how to do each one safely and for best results. Browse by category or muscle group, or assemble exercises into a workout checklist with a suggested routine or your own custom blend. As you sweat your way through your workouts, log and chart your progress in the app's fitness journal, with entry screens tailored for each exercise.

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Please make this availble for the Verizon Droid! I love this app!

Overall a great app--I have been using it for a week and have discovered some exercises that I really enjoy! I would like to see some other muscle groups represented such as hip abductor and adductor. It would also be great if I could add an exercise to My Workout directly from the description. And as I have seen others note, the load screen is at least three seconds longer than I wish it were. Keep up the great work! I look forward to many future updates!

The touch screen interface used by the comic touch iPhone application accounts for its excellent use. After you have created a masterpiece, you can right away e-mail it to somebody just by clicking the Blue Plus signs in order to access the contacts in your address book. Setting up of e-mail templates has also been made easy and you can add subject line, field, body and text before e-mailing it to somebody else.

Please make this availble for the Verizon Droid X! I love this app for the Iphone but now have Droid X since Verizon is slacking with Apple

How long can i use the app for the single fee of $1.99 ?

How do I enter data on iphone ifitness and see the logs for same account on ipad, I use ipad for reporting and working with app at home, but primary use is iphone. I need improved sync capabilities.


By the way, for some reasons, ifitness was deleted from the store but I would recoomend another app which isn't worse - all-in fitness. In some ways it is even better as it has a built in pedometer and video lessons of a very good quality.

Warning- do NOT modify your workouts or you will lose all of the data that's been logged. I added some exercises and lost everything. I even moved some to below a gray bar (to have separation) in another instance and lost all of those logs. So now I can't see my progress or have any clue what weight I'm doing and have to start all over! I love the app, but that just frustrates me.

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