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Listen and Look: I See Ewe comes with four sets of "cards" to change the images and concepts in the games. Choose from animals, shapes, colors, and objects. The last includes a miscellaneous collection of teddy bears, balls, TV sets, chairs, and the like. In the app's first game, a woman's voice asks your child to tap one of the cards. An incorrect answer prods, "That's not it," and the right answer gets an enthusiastic "Hooray!"


I See Ewe Screenshot

Match Game: The second game shows a set of six cards, and your child turns them over in sets of two to make matches. Here, too, the audio reinforces the words: "Find another table" or "Look for the clover."

I See Ewe
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I See Ewe

Version reviewed: 1.4.1
Claireware Software

Introduce your toddler to words for animals, shapes, objects, and colors with two matching games. The first game presents four pictures, and a voice asks your child to tap one of them: "Where is the square?", "Find the zebra," and so on. The game shows the word at the bottom of the screen, too, a good first introduction to sight words. The other game is a classic concentration game, turning over cards to find matching shapes.

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My son has learn his shapes and animal names from this app. I like playing with him, it makes for a fun mother & son bonding experience, and he learns his words too!

My husband just made an iphone app for our daughter Eva (age 3):

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

You can get it on the iphone here-

or play it online here-

Funny, I made them for my little boy, and he insists on testing them over and over ;-)

You'll find many sounding pictures for your little ones on
These very nice apps have been specifically designed for the use by young children. (And you don't need to blow into the phone ;-) ) For example: If you swipe, it even works when another finger rests on the display. My boy taught me that to keep his frustration low.

iTunes Link for "Cute Winzki":

Of course, there's a "Lite Winzki" for free, so you can try it out. More themes are "Farm Winzki", "Home Winzki", "Build Winzki", "Cute Winzki" and possibly even more. Just search for "Winzki" in the App store...

Have fun!

The latest version of this app added a German translation. Froh!

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