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Sticky Ball: Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to roll your katamari to a soundtrack of Japanese pop music. Start small, picking up caramels or squid sushi (yes, squid sushi). At first, you bounce off larger objects, but as your katamari grows, you can absorb the big stuff, too.

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Big Roller: Before long you're rolling up cars and cities. The game offers four types of play: "Story mode" asks you to pick up certain objects; "time attack" challenges you to grow as big as you can in the time limit; "exact size" requires you to roll to a precise diameter; and "eternal mode" lets you roll as you wish.

i Love Katamari Screenshot

i Love Katamari
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i Love Katamari

Version reviewed: 1.0.2
Namco Networks America

The fabulous if spacey King of All Cosmos knocked out the stars in an all-night bender, and it's up to you to gather enough stuff to replace them. The katamari is your instrument: a sticky ball that you roll through living rooms, streets, or entire landscapes, picking up jetsam as you go. Start by rolling up little things, and the katamari snowballs as you go, letting you pick up bigger and bigger objects, like pets, cars, buildings, you name it.

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