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Game Of Numbers: Planets are color-coded by player and numbered to show how many ships they hold. Launch an attack by tapping the planets from which you want to send ships, then tap the enemy planet. Here, all the green planets are prepped to attack a single orange planet. When you trigger the attack, ships swarm to their destination and, if your numbers are strong enough, you take it over.


Galcon Screenshot

Multiplayer: The game gets more complex as three-front battles develop with multiple enemies. Those enemies can also include human players, thanks to the game's online play, which lets you play against three other players over the Internet. The game offers five other variations, too, including "stealth," where you can't see enemy ships, and "vacuum" where you play timed games.

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Version reviewed: 1.5

Galcon is a nitro-charged version of the board game Risk, launched into space. Take over an enemy's planets by sending waves of ships to overwhelm its forces. The rules are simple—as are the graphics—but the game is endlessly engaging, with ten difficulty settings. Unlike Risk, this fast-paced game delivers cosmic conquest in less than five minutes, ideal for the casual pick-up play that works so well on iPhone and iPod Touch.

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This game is awesome.Online mode is crazy addicting.
I highly recommend this.

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