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Special Delivery: The app's screen counts down the delivery of all your packages, color-coded by store or parcel service. Tap the number or icon for a package to see complete order details from the shipper, including a View Map button to see the package inching your way. Add or delete packages from the list by tapping the Info icon at bottom right.


Delivery Status Touch Screenshot

Mister Postman: Delivery Status Touch supports a long list of services. You can track orders mailed from stores like Amazon, Apple, or Nintendo, for example, or track directly with the carrier for a wide range of US and international parcel services, including the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, and even the Italian postal service.

Delivery Status Touch
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Delivery Status Touch

Version reviewed: 2.3.1

Who knew tracking deliveries could be so classy? This stylish, efficient app tracks packages from over 40 stores and delivery services, even mapping your package's current-ish location. Set up a free account at the app's website to sync tracking info; once done, you can paste or bookmark tracking numbers from your computer instead of tapping them into your iPhone.

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I recommend Trackthis over this app. I used both apps and I found Trackthis to be a better solution. It sounds impressive to have over 40 stores pre-configured, but it's not that useful unless you shop at particular store a lot. In the end, it's just as convenient to copy and paste your tracking number. With Trackthis app, you can manage all your tracking info at and get notification via twitter,email, etc. and you get PUSH NOTIFICATION which makes Trackthis much more useful than Delivery Status.

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