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Comic Collector: Browse and download free comics bursting with spacemen, ghoulish tales, and musclebound do-gooders—all with a charming, retro appeal. The app's elegant library collects your downloads into comic bins by series. Tap a bin to open it up and view the individual issues by cover. Partially finished comics are marked with a bookmark, completed ones appear in a plastic bag. Tap the cover to start reading.


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Pulp Adventures: Read your comics in either portrait or landscape view. Moving around the comic is simple and familiar, like using the Maps app. Pinch or double-tap to zoom in and out, and drag to scroll. Flick a page to the left or right to go to the new page.

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Zap! Blam! Pow! Bring golden-age comics from the mid 20th century to your iPhone or iPod Touch with this slick comic book reader. The app comes with a small handful of comics and offers access to download more from two online collections, Golden Age Comics and Flashback Universe. Ambitious comic book fans can also scan and load their own comics into the app with the help of free desktop software for Mac or PC.

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It lets you zoom in on the speech bubbles by tapping on them. Makes reading the text a lot easier. In fact, I use it in preference to clickwheel's own iphone app for reading their 2000ad comics.

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