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Pretty Polaroids: No need to shake it or blow on it. CameraBag's "Instant" filter develops immediately with a spot-on imitation of a 1970s instant photo. Tap the email icon to share your snapshot, or tap the disk icon to save it to your iPhone camera roll or iPod photo library. Tap the filter name to try a different camera style, or grab a new source photo with your camera (iPhone only) or from your library.


CameraBag Screenshot

Special Effects: The Helga filter adds a vignette effect, a reference to the Chinese Holga camera of the early 1980s, whose images fade at the edges. Other filters include: the over-saturated "Lolo" filter (referring to Russian LOMO cameras); a fisheye lens; a yellowed "1974" style; the black-and-white "Mono" and "1962" filters; a letterboxed "Cinema" widescreen effect; the "Infrared" filter; and the "Magazine" look for a photo-shoot style.

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Version reviewed: 1.5.1

CameraBag simulates old-school lenses and cameras, giving you 10 retro filters to transform your photos and launch them into the past. Take a photo from within the app, or edit a picture from your photo library. Select and preview a camera style to apply, and when you're happy, save the image to your camera roll, or email it to a friend. It's good fun, and the well conceived effects shift the mood of photos dramatically.

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Got the desktop version. Fabulous!

PLEASE develop a version for Android.


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