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Red Rain: The controls are deceptively simple ("That's it? Tilt to aim?"), but the game is wonderfully exacting as hordes of crimson aliens descend to destroy (or, um, impregnate?) your blue planet. The game's retro vector graphics are paired perfectly with a down-tempo electronic soundtrack, which helps keep your pulse low even as the pace of the game quickens. The result is a game that is at once engaging and atmospheric.

Blue Defense!
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Blue Defense!

Version reviewed: 2.0
John Kooistra

Blue Defense! puts your iPhone's motion detector to novel use with a simple but stylishly challenging game of space invaders: Shoot the aliens before they reach your planet. Hold your iPhone or iPod Touch upright, and tilt to aim. Your bullets always shoot straight up, so as invaders pour in from all directions, you're soon spinning your phone sideways and upside down to keep up with the onslaught. Great, frantic fun.

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