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Take Stock: Individual stocks show performance for both the day and the year, along with related news headlines. Flip your iPhone on its side, and the view switches to a full-screen landscape chart: Pinch to zoom in and out on the chart, or flick it backward or forward in time. Go to the Markets screen to track markets around the world, including equities, commodities, bonds, currencies, and equity futures.


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My Market: Keep tabs on your personal stock holdings from the My Stocks screen. Enter the stock, number held, and purchase price, and Bloomberg lists the numbers. Tap the column headers to change the display, switching from the current value, for example, to the overall profit and loss of your investments. You can also check other companies from the Stock Finder screen, too, by typing the company's name or ticker symbol.


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Business News: The News screen shows the top headlines for your choice of topics. Tap the Edit button to choose from more than 30 categories to include on the screen, from regional news to industry and market topics to sports and politics. Tap a story to read and, if it's share-worthy, send it along to friends and coworkers via email.

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Version reviewed: 2.2

If iPhone's simple Stocks app doesn't cut it in your quest to master the markets, give Bloomberg a place on your home screen. The app gives you the whole backstory behind stock and market numbers, letting you drill into major equity indices, for example, to see details about the industry and stock movers. Related news headlines accompany every stock listing, and you can also browse market and business news by any of several categories.

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