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Blofeld Screenshot

Uncage The Cat: Double-tap the screen for a choice of feline fur, from Blofeld's classic white to the Mac-inspired snow leopard. The bars open to release your sidekick kitty, ready for your attention.


Blofeld Screenshot

Fiendishly Fluffy: Blofeld gives you a screenful of your chosen fur. Stroke the screen with your finger, and your iPhone starts to purr. The longer you stroke, the louder it gets (but only when you stroke with the grain; villainous cats are fussy). And that's it: It purrs. Hey, it might not seem like much, but the success of villainous plots hinges on the details, and a proper Bond villain demands a purring cat.

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Version reviewed: 1.0

If your scheme to hold the world ransom has been frustrated, or you pine for glory days of Cold War intrigue and toying with Her Majesty's Secret Service, perhaps this app will provide consolation. Named for Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the James Bond nemesis and lover of fluffy felines, the app provides a furry screen, which you stroke to make purring noises. It's the perfect prop for any would-be villain. Diabolical laugh not included.

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