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What's On? Flick through the museums and galleries in your city. The Venues screen lists alphabetically, while Nearby shows the closest places. Tap a venue to see what's on now. You can also search other cities, or filter for specific venues. Be prepared to wait the very first time you load info for a city—it takes a few minutes to transfer this mother lode of art info. Once loaded, though, the app is peppy and convenient.


Artnear Pro Screenshot

The Skinny: The Calendar screen shows events and openings in the area, and you can filter for specific dates or cities. Tap the event to see exhibition details. The app lets you bookmark shows and venues you don't want to miss, and you can also browse by artist names to see upcoming shows or to find out what gallery represents them in your city.

Artnear Pro
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Artnear Pro

Version reviewed: 1.0

Quick, it's an art emergency! When you're struck by the sudden urge to admire some art, this global guide to the art world shepherds you to the closest venue. Artnear Pro includes an enormous address book of museums, galleries, artist residences, and other artsy destinations in medium and large cities around the world. Browse by proximity, or find results in the city of your choice. The app's calendar shows events and openings.

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this isn't available in the us.

I've been in touch with the developers, and it seems they're in App Store approval limbo for their current version. Sounds like the app should return to the App Store soon. When the app makes its triumphal return, I'm told there will be a free version and $4.99 pro version (no ads and more sorting options).

Previous versions of Artnear were thorough and useful; I'm optimistic that the new versions will be just as useful when they finally reappear in the store. Stay tuned!

Just a quick note to say that both Artnear and Artnear Pro are back in the App Store.

How do you go about getting your gallery listed on the app?? Does anyone know how to contact the developers?

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