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Amazon Remembers: Tap the camera icon to photograph a product you'd like to buy, remember, or identify. Within a minute or two, the screen updates with a product name and link, tracked down by an actual human being. Results are great for books, CDs, and DVDs, and good with prints and artwork, too. For toys, appliances, and other stuff, the app often finds an exact match or at least puts you in the ballpark with a lookalike product.


Amazon Mobile Screenshot

Product Picks: Tap the suggested link to see the product details or make the purchase. The toaster shown here is the recommendation based on the photo shown at bottom left. It's not the exact model, but it's certainly the right style. And since two happy customers were excited enough about their toast to give their unit a five-star rating, it looks like a reliable suggestion, too.

Amazon Mobile
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Amazon Mobile

Version reviewed: 1.1.1

So you're visiting friends, and by god, but don't they have a handsome toaster. You'd like one just like it, but they don't remember where they got it. You whip out your iPhone, snap a picture, and your phone produces an link for the toaster. That amazing magic trick is part of Amazon Mobile, an otherwise workaday app for shopping at Amazon. It does that job just fine, but it's the find-the-product feature that makes it sing.

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