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Mighty Mouse: The trackpad controls your computer's cursor, along with left- and right-click buttons and a scroll wheel (the orange arrows) that thumbs through the active window. The keyboard lets you type onscreen as you'd expect. Switch to "mouse" mode to use the app like a laser pointer, moving the cursor as you wave your iPhone in the air. Tapping the arrows at top right switches between trackpad and mouse mode.


Air Mouse Pro Screenshot

Media-Savvy: The app knows when you're working with an audio or video program on your computer, showing playback buttons for easy control of movies and music.


Air Mouse Pro Screenshot

Function Fun: The function screen gives you access to arrow and function keys, as well as a handy set of "hot keys" that you can configure to run your favorite desktop programs or type a keyboard shortcut.

Air Mouse Pro
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Air Mouse Pro

Version reviewed: 1.3.5
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Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a mouse, keyboard, and remote control for your PC or Mac, a boon for stage-stalking presenters or couch-happy movie watchers. Along with free software that you install on your WiFi-connected computer, Air Mouse Pro steers the cursor like a laser pointer or trackpad; its keyboard does the typing. The app morphs based on what's onscreen, so you get playback controls when you use iTunes, for example.

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I'm going to have to respectfully disagree - Touchpad is by far the best, for one reason: it doesn't require you to install any extra "server", it uses the standard Screen Sharing built into OS X.

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