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Critters: Wonderful animal illustrations accompany each letter (thank god for the X-ray fish). Most letters have several animals, and the deck shuffles the new critters into the mix when you launch the app. The game always stacks cards in alphabetical order, and you swipe to flip forward and back.


ABC Animals Screenshot

Animal Print: Double-tap a card to flip it over and practice printing the letters. The letters have dance-step-style diagrams showing each stroke and when to draw it. Shake the iPhone or iPod Touch to clear the slate and start again.

ABC Animals
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ABC Animals

Version reviewed: 1.2.0
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The App Store has a huge number of flash-card games to help kids learn the alphabet, but ABC Animals stands out from the menagerie with its lively cartoon illustrations and a clever device to help kids practice writing letters. Swipe through the cards alphabetically and a voice announces each letter and the pictured animal ("H: Hedgehog.). Double-tap the card for space where your child can trace out the uppercase and lowercase letter.

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this is is so much fun for my kids they just love it

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