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Community values: Browse home estimates on an aerial map to cruise a neighborhood. The service has estimates for nearly every home in the US, based on public info and recent sales. It's finger-in-the-air stuff but often remarkably accurate. Over 3 million for-sale homes are listed with actual asking prices, along with more casual "make me move" prices that homeowners have posted to Zillow as informal sale offers.


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House plan: Find out more about a house on its detail page, including photos, size, and number of rooms. You can include a number of these attributes in the app's search feature, which also lets you save searches. The app alerts you when new homes hit the market matching your search criteria, showing the tally on its iPhone app icon.

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Version reviewed: 2.0

Whether you're looking for a new home or just being a nosy neighbor, Zillow is the best way to find out what a house is worth, what's on the market, and what's recently sold. Zillow has estimates for 88 million homes. You search for all kinds of criteria, but the app's killer feature is using GPS to see prices as you drive through a neighborhood. When you find your dream house(s), save 'em to the app's Favorites screen for future ogling.

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