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Bring 'Em All: No need to choose among books, Stanza can carry your whole collection. Swipe through your tomes by title, author, or category, or organize them into your own custom lists. Stanza remembers what page you were on when you return to a book, so you can jump right back into the plot.

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Easy Reader: When you're reading, controls and menus disappear; it's all about the book. You can read in landscape or portrait view. Tap the screen's right side for the next page, or left to go back. Hold a word to see its definition, or tap the top right to turn down the corner and add a bookmark to find the page later.

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Way With Words: Tap the screen's center for Stanza's controls or to return to the library. Use the scroll bar to skim quickly through the pages, or tap the book icon to hop through bookmarks or the table of contents. The gear icon gives way to lots of settings, including font, size, margins, colors, and text alignment. Tap the Yin-Yang to go to white on black, easier for night reading, or tap the magnifying glass to search the book for a word or phrase.

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Load Up: Download books directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch with Stanza's online catalog. It's actually several separate catalogs, which means you have to browse each one individually. The selection is varied: BooksOnBoard and Fictionwise sell mainstream books; SmashWords offers self-published ebooks; and the Gutenberg Project offers over 25,000 free public-domain books featuring mountains of classic novels.

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Version reviewed: 1.8.1

It was a dark and stormy night... good thing your book was on a backlit screen. Stanza turns your iPhone or iPod into a novel, a reference book, or an entire library. It's packed with features to make iPhone reading as good as it can be, including bookmarks, screen and font choices, and dictionary lookups for squirrelly words. Download a trove of free or paid books, or grab ebooks from your computer with the help of free desktop software.

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Truly awesome app. Allows me to keep on top of my MCTS training eBook on the go.

That's a very good e-book app. I try some other app in this category. Kindle is fine too, but limited to the Amazon catalog. Both have nice navigation functionnalities. Eucalyptus is very nice, but doesn't give as many functionnalities. And it is not a free app...

Hi, the information you give us a lot of utility. I just wanted to say thank you the information you have shared.

these apps make my life. lol i am always downloiading them on my parents iphones lol

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