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That's How I Roll: Rolando's controls are easy to master, and the game's a natural for the iPhone's motion detector. Tilt to roll one or more rolandos, and swipe to jump. Many levels require you to escort the kingdom's royalty to safety, pushing the sleeping king or corralling the hyperactive prince.

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Gizmos Galore: Addressing you as "Finger," rolandos politely ask you to trigger springs, push buttons, spin windmills, or set bombs to help them on their way. Success means getting a minimum of rolandos to the finish, but be careful: Just brushing a shadow creature means curtains for your friends.

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Version reviewed: 1.6

It's up to you to save the cartoon world of Rolandoland and its rolypoly residents. Tilt to roll rolandos through obstacles and avoid menacing shadow creatures. Rolando drips with adorability, from the personable rolandos to the groovy breakbeat soundtrack. Just don't let the high cuteness rating lull you; the game starts gently, but each level (36 in all) presents ever more complex puzzles to test your phone-tilting dexterity.

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