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Speak Your Mind: Don't just mutter about all the things you've got to do, say it out loud to reQall. Tap the Add screen, speak for up to 30 seconds, and the app transcribes your words over the Internet. Within a couple of minutes, the text appears on your to-do list, filed in all the appropriate places. You can also type reminders or submit them via instant message, toll-free call, or email (email requires a paid reQall "pro" account).


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Time-Conscious: ReQall scours your messages for meaning. Mention a time, date, or day, and the app queues a reminder. The website lets you choose how to receive these alerts. Ask to receive reminders via email or instant message; pro accounts ($3/month or $25/year) can receive SMS texts, too. The website also lets you set up your Outlook, iCal, or Google calendar to see your reminders there as well.


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Share the Love: Send reminders to friends, family, and coworkers, too—anyone from your iPhone's contact list. Once added to reQall, the app recognizes their names and sends them reminders when you start a message with "remind," "tell," or "ask." Your freshly reminded pals receive these alerts by email; they'll also see a notice in their account lists if they happen to use reQall, too.


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Duly Noted: Start your message with the word "note," and reQall stashes the message away as note text for future reference. ReQall's transcription is impressively accurate, but even when it's off, you can always edit the text or listen to the original recording. Tap any note or reminder to bring up the Details screen to edit or listen, or to add due date, location, or a contact with whom you want to share.


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A Fast Jog: The Memory Jogger screen filters your reminders to show the items most relevant to the current place and time. Paid pro accounts can set up locations so that when you say "at work," for example, the reminder pops up in Memory Jogger when you're at your desk.

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Version reviewed: 2.0.4

Turn your iPhone into an unfailing executive assistant, ready to remind you of calendar items, notes, and todos. It's almost magic: Say, "Meet Rich at 4:30 pm tomorrow," and reQall transcribes the text, creates a to-do, adds an event to your calendar, and sends you a reminder before the meeting. It's like an outboard memory for the overloaded modern mind. The app requires a free account at

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Oh my, I respectfully and strongly disagree. Not every new buss. deserves recurring revenue. this one definitely does not.

I'm undecided so far about this app. I've been working with it for three days now trying to give it a good try, but I am about to give up. There are too many screens to flip. I still don't know exactly how to even get started. There are no good tutorals and what there is seems more like a commercial.

You should try REMINDERS! it does a great job,

Do not waste your money on a Reqall pro account. Not worth it at all. After all this time, it should be a killer service/app. But it just seems like they've almost given up on it (or are not capable of taking it to the level that it should be).

It was not a great service back in June 2009 when it was chosen. And it still sucks now (Oct 2010).

Oreilly fail, for naming it best app. Reqall fail for incompetency or laziness.

Don't give up on this; it's a bit awkward at first, but stick with it. The rewards once you "get it" are worth the effort. It's like having an executive secretary with you 24/7.

this app is nice. For example, I'm using ,,Plan" app. It's maybe more simple and quick for me. Like time manager and calendar in one.

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