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Got You Pegged: Take aim with the cannon at the top of the screen and tap Fire to launch a shot. Planning shots pays off, earning "style points" for long shots by ricocheting an orange peg off another across the screen. Hit green pegs for power-ups, and land the ball in the kettle at the bottom for an extra turn.

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Big Reward: As you hit the last orange peg, the game zooms in and throws itself into slow motion as an orchestra plays a rapturous "Ode to Joy." Now that's winning! It's one of many eccentric touches, including the oddball personalities of the ten "mentors" who lead you through 55 levels and 40 challenges.

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Version reviewed: 1.0
PopCap Games

Cross pachinko with unicorns and rainbows, and you get... Peggle! In this simple but wildly addictive game, you fire a ball into a field of pegs where it ricochets like a pinball, earning points for each peg hit and removing them after each round. The goal is to clear all orange pegs. When you do, Peggle plays a fanfare so over the top, so deliciously triumphant, that even the most jaded gamer will squeal and giggle. No kidding, it's that good.

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