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On A Budget: The My Day screen summarizes each day's calorie intake, showing calories burned and consumed and, the bottom line, whether you stayed under budget. Tap the This Week tab to get a weekly view of your calorie balance, or tap Nutrients to see your consumption of fat, carbohydrates, protein, and the like. Tap Add Food or Add Exercise to log meals or activity for the day.


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Diet Details: Record the day's food and exercise from the Log screen, and Lose It! shows the calorie breakdown for each meal and dish, with a running tally of remaining calories in the day's budget. Tap the + button to add food or exercise for the day, or tap Edit to delete items.


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Stocked Cupboard: Lose It! provides a big database of food and corresponding calorie counts to speed your data entry. These items include name-brand prepared foods and entrees from popular restaurant chains. You can also add your own custom dishes, detailing the calories and nutrients for each. The log similarly contains a large list of exercise activities to record the day's exercise with just a few taps.


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Serving Size: When you add a food, you choose exactly how much you ate, and the entry screen shows the detailed nutritional info for the portion. Lose It! takes note of the foods you eat frequently, stowing them in a My Foods list in the log, so that it's easy to add your standard breakfast, for example.

Lose It!
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Lose It!

Version reviewed: 1.1

The toughest part of a diet isn't so much the portions or menu as it is staying motivated. Lose It! helps you maintain enthusiasm and discipline by turning the dreary details of calorie-counting into a video game: You vs. your calorie budget. Lose It! sets a daily calorie limit based on age, gender, height, and weight-loss goals. Tell it what you eat and how you exercise, and it shows you how well you're meeting your goal.

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Version: 1.4
Website: Tapbots

If recording and counting calories is more work than you care to put into your diet, Weightbot offers a simpler and frankly adorable alternative. The app tracks your daily weight and nothing more, but it does it with whimsical robot sound effects and sleek graphics. Swipe its mechanical band of dates to find the day to enter, tap in your weight, and the app calculates your body mass index for you. Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch sideways, and Weightbot shows a simple chart of your progress toward your desired weight.

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I use this app everyday - LOVE IT!!! If they integrate water drinkage - 5 STARS!

I use this app everyday on my iPod Touch. It's been a great help in counting calories and tracking what I eat. It's hard to believe this app is free. Everyone who's watching what they eat should have a copy.

Great program!!! I lost 50 pounds using this app. You don't realize how many calories you eat until you keep track.

I agree that keeping track of water drinking would be an excellent addition to Lose It! Where can we make this suggestion?

IPad’s other capabilities consist of internet browsing, film viewing and music listening. E-mails could be sent by way of Mail app on apple ipad, having a split-screen watch and expansive on-screen keyboard.

Although it's not strictly a weight LOSS app, the IF Tracker is worth taking a look at. Like all the other nutrition apps out there, it tracks your calories, protein, carbs, and fat. But UNLIKE any other app, the IF Tracker also calculates the inflammation factor of your meals, recipes, and foods. If you're up on your nutrition news, you know that anti-inflammatory diets are all the rage, but precious few tools exist to help people figure out what to eat. Check it out!

Weight Tracker for iPad
Weight Tracker is an easy to use app for iPad to help you monitor and keep track of your weight. It helps you set a Goal to maintain a healthy weight and monitor your progress. Carry around iWeightTrack in your iPad all the time to keep on top of your numbers.

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I downloaded this app the other day and it works great! Already recommended it to a few of my friends

This app looks awsome... Ive allready lost more then 10 pounds by changing my eating habits and this app will make it alot easier for me to control.. gonna try it out right now. Thanks for this share :-)

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